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Heavy! 2021 "High-speed inkjet printing in China" installed capacity survey officially launched!

High-speed inkjet printing technology, as a popular printing technology in the world, is in a stage of rapid development. Especially in the past two years, with the decline in purchasing and operating costs of domestically-made high-speed inkjet printers, domestic high-speed inkjet printing equipment has been installed in large numbers in Chinese private enterprises, especially in graphic and text printing companies and co-printing companies. Enterprises took the lead in triggering a wave of installations.

So, "high-speed inkjet" has become the hottest word in printing circles in 2020 (no one).

At the 2020 China International Exhibition, the booths of inkjet manufacturers at home and abroad are obvious to all. 15 inkjet technology suppliers have launched new products. The exhibition also submitted a transcript of 46 units of expensive equipment.

What is the installation situation this year, let us wait and see!

Our research has a history

Since 2015, the "Digital Printing" magazine of Keyin Media has released the "High-speed Inkjet Printing in China" Installed Capacity Report to the industry every April. It has been 7 years since it aims to focus and track the high-speed inkjet printing in China. The development of high-speed inkjet printing technology in the Chinese market sorts out the development trend of high-speed inkjet printing technology for everyone.

Last years "High Speed Inkjet Printing in China" Installed Capacity Report" click here

Our research has standards

This time the definition of high-speed inkjet printing technology still adopts the industrys mainstream standard for high-speed inkjet printing, that is, the wheel transformation with a speed above 100 m/min and a resolution of 600dpi600dpi and a single-sheet high-speed equivalent in conversion speed. Inkjet printing equipment.

There are two methods for our research

1. The brands, models, and installed numbers of high-speed inkjet printing equipment in this survey have been collected and checked from manufacturers of high-speed inkjet printing equipment.

2. Or if your company has the above-mentioned high-speed inkjet equipment that meets the survey targets, you can also actively contact this journal. After the equipment parameter performance has been reviewed and approved by the journals investigation team, you can enter this survey report.

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