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Yiwen Printing Co. Ltd is a company which was founded in 1992. We have  a professional team with rich experience, innovative management, united and professional dedication. Our products focus on different specification of paper production such as paper bag, color box and instruction book.

Company services: Packaging design and project with conceptual, construction, project and graphic design. We serve clients with excellent design services.

Our quality: Quality is criterion and responsibility. Quality is the life of a business.

About us

About us


High-end custom

Customized by the manufacturer, various styles of color boxes, color cards, cartons, and manuals can all be customized.

Design Services

The cutting-edge creative team meets all kinds of packaging box customization needs until the customer is satisfied.

Many materials

Various materials such as cardboard, plate paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, wood, etc. are available for selection.


Large-scale production is strong and worthy of entrustment

Sufficient accessories

A variety of packaging accessories are available, providing you with customized packaging boxes and gift boxes to make your product image stand out


Customers have more than 1,000 cases and classics in various places

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